Monday, March 22, 2010


Okay I have let myself go long enough!!! It is time for serious dieting!!
I have let myself go long enough. Back in 06 I joined we.ight Wat.chers LOVED IT!!!! I lost the weight so quick, when I actually followed it. And I can honestly tell you that it doesn't feel like a You can eat whatever you want, you can even DRINK your points if you so choose too.
The hardest part is the 1st week getting your body out of the routine of eating whatever and whenever you want. But after that it is EASY!!!!

I have also begun going to the gym every morning at 5am yes 5 AM. I have to be in work at 7:30 and usually do not get home until after 7 so their is no way I am going to want to go out to the gym once I get home from working 12 hours, plus going to the gym pumps your adrenaline up so it is hard to fall asleep. So now I drag my out of bed at 4:45 (okay sometimes I hit snooze but just once) then I am at the gym by 5:20 workout for a hour then run home to get read for work. I can honestly say the hardest part is actually getting out of bed, once I am out of bed it is easy. I feel so good the rest of the day, I have so much more energy!!!!

Last night I actually took a picture of myself in my FAVORITE pair of jeans size 8 they would button BUT were VERY TIGHT!!!! I am using that as a incentive to lose the weight, I actually want to get into a 6 we shall see!!!!

I will take a new picture every 2 weeks to show my progress getting into my size 8 jeans! I am going to wait to post them until I have my 2nd picture to show my progress so far!

Okay I have to get back to doing some work!!!


Allison said...

Thats awesome, Melissa!!! Keep it up! So excited to see your progress as you continue your new plan!

Helene said...

You go, girl! Sometimes the hardest part is just jumping in with both feet and getting it done! Sounds like you're doing really well...keep it up!!

Can't wait to see your progress!

Thank you so much for the kind words you left on yesterday's post about my daughter!