Thursday, May 1, 2014

You know you are TTC when...

You know you are TTC when your nightstand looks like this.

And when you hear the term " Eggs white" and " school glue" you automatically think about your cervical mucus, and wonder if your recorded yours today.

You obsess over you BBT chart.

You have multiple TTC apps on your phone.

You have no problem texting your husband, "get home early tonight it is go time". Or Telling your best friend " sorry we might be late it's baby making time"

You never HATED getting your period as mush as you do when you are TTC.

You secretly look up your EDD if you were to get pregnant this cycle,  every time you get your period.

You notice EVERYONE around you is pregnant!

You keep on keeping on and know one day it will happen and if it doesn't you have an amazing husband who will be there with you to make sure you covered every base,  tried every step, and every possible scenario. Even when you want to throw in the towel  he will be right there to whisper in your ear  " we got this".

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Still here!!!

Life has finally settled down! We are loving married life, we are loving our new home and making it homey! 
We loving having our friends over and  BBQing, playing horse shoes, watching the Phillies. 

We have been talking more and more about having a baby. I had to make sure I was healthy enough to get pregnant and carry a baby. I went to my PCP and she sent me to a Fetal/Maternal doctor. I made an appt immediately and was in the office within 2 weeks.  The PA and the Doctors were amazing!! They are very confident that with all my injuries I can carry a baby.I asked them about delivery, with my brain tumors can I vaginally deliver?? with my internal injuries from the car accident, can I have a c-Section?? They have no doubt but they just want to talk to my neurologist,  ( more on that later). The did say If i decided to stay with them for my journey they will have me meet with their trauma/surgical team just to be on the safe side. 

Not sure what if I ever talked about my brain tumors so I will briefly touch base. 
In Feb 2012 I fell down the steps ( after a few too many drinks) my friend and I were goofing off and BAM I fell down the steps. 2 day later I still had a nasty headache so I decided to go to the doctors, on my way I changed my mind and just went to the ER. The ran a battery of test and it was found that I had 3 brain tumors. That was a hard thing to hear. That hospital wanted to transport me to a hospital that can better assist with the treatment. I had the most amazing care EVER they doctors and nurses were amazing. 
The doctors decided to "watch" the tumors and redo the MRI   at 3 months ( June) everything was fine, then at 6 months (Dec) I had a new growth so they decided to remove one. That surgery went fine and I was sent home with some meds and to follow up.  I went back at 3 months again and everything was fine. THEN in June I had yet another new growth. My Neurosurgeon was concerned about the location of it and wanted me to see a M.S. specialist.  So after months of  test and follow ups it was determined that I have M.S. I started on medication immediately. But because we are going to " start trying" I went off my meds and started prenatal vitamins. 

We are very excited to start the next chapter in our lives and  I hope and pray that we can make this dream come true. I will keep you posted!! 


Thursday, October 31, 2013

First comes love, then marriage, then ???

WOW!!! Life sure had changed since I last posted!
Had the last of my car accident surgeries on March 13th, ( 12 hours) but, everything went great!!!
We got Married on May 3rd
Bought a House on August 2nd
We are enjoying life together in our new home. We have been talking more and more about BABIES!!  We cannot wait to start that chapter in our life together.  Hopefully it will happen without to much medical intervention. But whatever we have to do we WILL do it!!  This girl was born to be a mommy! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Life is definitely moving forward!

Wedding Date set.
Wedding Dress Picked out.
Wedding invite list complete.
Eric and I Were busy enjoying life when BAM our life was jolted!

On August 19th Eric and I  were coming home from spending a wonderful weekend down the
shore with friends, when we were pushed off the rode by a  S.U.V and hit a tree head on going 70 miles an hour on Highway 55 in New Jersey.  When we came to a stop I was awake and actually got out of the car after Eric pried it open. I even walked around, until I looked down at my left ankle and noticed it was the size of a small watermelon. Within 5 minutes of the accident 15 men ran to the car from a hotel off the high way. Get this- They were at a medic convention at the hotel.  They helped stabilize me until the paramedic /ambulance got there. They say that after a traumatic injury your body releases endorphin's so you do not feel pain, this definitely happened to me.  Once I was put into the ambulance the pain kicked in and I was begging them to " just go"     I was transported to a trauma hospital 48 miles away from where the accident  happened and Eric was taken to a nearby hospital.  The next think I remember was them cutting my clothes off in the hospital. I was then taken into surgery for 3 hours as they repaired my internal injuries and bleeding, caused from the seat belt. However, the doctors told my parents that if I did not have my seat belt on I would not be alive. ( Thank God for seat belts)   I do not remember the first few days after surgery, probably because of the Morphine. ( Thank God for Morphine) Once I was stabilized and off the Morphine the sent me in for more surgery, this time on my ankle. They had to put screws into it because I fractured the Tallus. Waking up from that surgery SUCKED!!!!!!
 Eric was treated and released from the hospital with in a few hours. ME? I spent 11 days in the hospital, then was sent to a rehab for 14 days. I then went to my parents to recoup because I needed so much help and I live on a 3rd floor apartment. My parents turned their 1st floor into a mini apartment for me. They even put a TV and cable in their dining room , where my hospital bed was set up. I have no idea what I would have done without them.  

Some of my injuries will require additional surgeries, they are saying probably March-April. I am praying they do it in March, since the wedding is May 3rd. In the mean time life is slowly getting back to normal.  I  Am back home with Eric, where I belong. I am  working on the wedding plans again. I am still not cleared to go back to work so I have all day, everyday to do wedding stuff and watch reality TV.

One thing I have learned is , you definitely find out who belongs in your life and who doesn't when tragedies happen.  I was able to take some people off the wedding list after this happened.
It also makes you realize how short life is and how quickly it can change.
It also makes me SO happy to be alive and Thankful that God and my guardian angles were looking out for me that day!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

updates on my life

Lots going on !!Where do I begin?

February 25th Eric and I were having out with friends at their home, having a few drinks, goofing off. after  "a few" drinks My friend Jenn decided to put on her wedding dress " to see if it still fit" As we were running down the steps I fell and banged my head HARD!!   Instant headache, kinda ruined the night. I woke up the next day so sick, vomiting, killer headache, body was throbbing, I just stayed in bed taking Mot.rin. The next day when I still felt sick I decided it was probably best to call the doctor. I ended up going to the ER and getting all sorts of test and blood work done. After a few hours they came and told me they found something on my brain and they do not believe it had anything to do with the fall. They called it an " incidental finding" . after more test and more doctors coming in they said they wanted to transfer me to a different hospital with better Neuro Department.  So a few hours later I was off in an ambulance to Tho.mas Jeff.erson , where I stayed for 5 very longs days.  They determined that I have a 2 small " lesions,tumors, masses, ( pick your term) on my frontal lobes, a larger on in/on my Right Temporal lobe, and while they were at it they found on on my liver!  I would not have survived those 5 days in the hospital with out my mom and Eric. They tool shifts mom stayed with me all day so Eric could work and so she would help me with the doctors. Eric would come after work and stay with me past visiting hours( best nurses).   They doctors have decided the best course of action is wait and see. they are going to wait 3 months and then repeat the test to see if anything has changed. If nothing has changed they will do it again in 6 months, then a yr. If at anytime something changes they will do biopsy and then whatever else is needed. 

 You can see how bloated my face is from all the fluids they were pumping me with!!

March 16th Eric and I went to the shore for the weekend to " just get away". Little did I know he had bigger plans.  He woke up on the 17th at 6AM yes you read that right 6 AM on a SATURDAY!!!! he wanted to go see the sunrise at our favorite spot but I was so sleepy I said no and rolled back over.  8am he came back in and was woke me up again, this time I gave in I got up and went with him to our spot.  We stopped at Wa..Wa to get breakfast to enjoy at the gazebo on the beach.  We were only there for a about 5 minutes when he asked me to go for a walk on the beach. So as we are walking he begins to talk about my doctors appointments and tell me that he loves me and he gets down on one knee, I then tell him to SHUT UP!!  He pulled out the ring and said those 4 little words I had been asking for .  I said YES of course. He said seeing me in the hospital hooked up to all those machines really made him think about it and made he realize " what the hell am I waiting for" .   He then told me that he had a fun day of surprises for me! My best friend and her husband were coming down to celebrate with us & to take our engagement pictures. We spend the entire after noon on the beach and back out the house celebrating and enjoying  each others company!

As of today we have set the date, May 3, 2013,  booked the hall, and I got the dress!!  Still have lots more to go but I am going to enjoy every second of it!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

checking in...

Wow! I have been gone for a long time!
I love checking in on everybody and seeing what is going on beyond the 4 walls of my office where I spend way to much time. Lets see, what is new????

School is in session- This year we are Kindergarten - 6th and 9th & 10th this year
I am taking a class ASL ( American Sign Language) at the Community College.
I have my Associates degree in Education but have been thinking about going for my Bachelor's degree ( NOT in education) perhaps going to become an Interpreter ??????

Cloie ( my goddaughter) is no longer living with me because her mom wanted her back and that is where she wanted to be, with all her siblings. :( but I still get to see her everyday at school.
Hope you are all well!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waiting for Superman?!?!

I was finally able to see this movie last week! My school hosted an event where they were showing the movie and stopping it every 30-45 minutes and letting the 9th graders debate it. I have to say I really enjoyed this movie because it really does accurately portray(most) public school and the fight to get into charter schools. I see first hand the lottery and how so many people apply to get their children in because their neighborhood public school is failing them. I get to see first had the anguish in parent's faces while they wait to see if their child will get. I see first had the anger when parents realize their child did not get in. I also get to see the joy when a child does get it. I also get to hear a parent cry and scream out "thank you Jesus" when I make a phone call to a family on the wait list telling them their child has been accepted. I see first had the how Charter schools work and the difference it makes in the life of a child. I see a child who comes from a neighborhood public school with the mentality that nobody cares, to a child that walking in the door with a smile on his face . I see a child come from a neighborhood public school with all D's go on to get all A's and B's the next report card. I see first hand how awesome charter schools are and the difference they can make in the life of a child.