Friday, August 21, 2009

At Work

This week and Next week we are doing professional Developement at work can you say BORING!!!! I want to rip my eyes out!! Well today we had to have a phone /virtual traning, the lady who right now as we speak is in some state down south, and My one co worker and I are in a board room listening to her and following her along on our computers. She is so nice, but how exciting and interesting can you make it. I will be stuck in this room until 4 PM and then 2 days next week. ahhhhhhh

The only thing getting me though today is that I am picking up my God-Daughter Cloie when I get out of here today!!!!!! yeaaaa Can NOT wait. Build a bear & Chuckie Cheese here we come.
I also would love to see UP I hope it is still playing, has anyone seen it? Comments???
Ok well let me get back to this training, hope I did not miss aything too important.
Hope you are all Well!!

(((Hugs))) and Baby Dust to everyone ( well those that want it) dont want to send it to all you brand new mommies! Expecially those who just had their little love bugs!