Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crappy Crappy Crap

Hey all,

I don't even know how to start this post so I am just going to go right into it.
I was talking to my God-Daughter Cloie's mom on Tues about taking her for the weekend we were talking about things and she blurts out I didn't tell Aunt Chris Yet but.....
I was like Are you Pregnant?????!?!?!?!?! UMMM yea like 3 months.
WTF you CAN NOT even handle the 2 children you have now and your adding a 3rd.
Then so goes on to say that her gas is shut off and it will hopefully be turned back on this week.
It is freaking freezing here. She said well I have space heaters so it is not bad.
Then we are talking about Christmas and she is like I am going to get the kids Timberland Boots. In my head I was like why not PAY YOUR FREAKING BILLS and buy them Payless boots.
Not to mention their house is going up for Sheriff sale in Jan. HOW ABOUT YOU FIND A PLACE TO FREAKING LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
I just don't understand it! I want a baby so bad but is waiting until a little longer until I am financially stable. I have a job so does Eric we have 2 cars, a nice place to live, we have GAS (heat) but we are not popping out a kid yet. NOT THEM!!!!

Not to mention I am terrified that we will not be able to have kids or have problems it scares me so much that I push it out of my head. I was in a relationship for 9 yrs and the last 2 did not use anything and NO baby. I am with Eric going on 3 yrs and have not used anything in the last 2 and no baby. DO I write it off as God has a plan for me to have a baby when he thinks I should? Do I bring it up to my doctor? Eric was with a girl for 3 yrs who had a baby with 3 guys and never got pregnant with him. Are we both infertile? God just typing that word makes my heart sink:( I have never said that word out loud. I actually have a yrs check up this month maybe I will bring it up to him even though we are not "officially trying" yet I am getting older.
Oh well I am off to have dinner with my Best Friend Jenn, she always makes me feel better.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No so Wordless Wednesday

As You know we moved 2 weeks ago into a apartment complex, we love everything about it!!!

EXCEPT!!!!! we hear EVERY single step the people above us make. I am not kidding we can tell you exactly where they are in there apartment at anytime. Eric went to the leasing manager on Tues we never heard anything, so on Sat we both went and the lady told us she was waiting on the property manager to call back. On Monday the property manager called back and told us she was waiting on the people upstairs to return her call so she can ask for permission to go into the property. Finally around 3 they came to our building and one person went upstairs and the property manager stayed with Eric in our apt to hear what we were talking about. They said there is something wrong with the flooring and/or the piping in the ceiling. She told us she will have to talk to the building owner and that she believes our options are the have the ceiling ripped down in the BEDROOM ONLY and have them fix the problem or transfer us to different building. ahhhhhhh seriously!!!!!! WE hear the noise EVERYWHERE why just fix the bedroom??? Move again??? we just painted the living room and dining room now we will have to paint it all back to white then buy more paint to paint the new place. RE pack everthing, buy more boxes, go to the post office and RE do a change of address and call all the utilities and have them transferred AGAIN porob have to pay for REinstallation of cable again. Plus all the aggravation!!!!WTF!!!!! I think we should be compensated in some way for this.