Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby James

Hello all,

I have a few minutes so I will update you on Cloie's brother.
Mom work up bleeding a lot, she said the tub was full of blood and clots ( sry TMI)
they rushed her to the hospital and tried to stop he from being born but they couldn't so
He was born on Tues Feb 23rd 15 weeks too early. He ( as well as mom) immediately had to receive blood transfusions. They told mom that they almost lost her.
He weighed in at 1lb 10 oz and was 13 inches long. He is hooked up to all kinds of machines.
He has a hole in a heart valve & a leak in his lung but they are healing with medicine. But he does have bleeding in his brain & they are very worried about it. :(
He also tested positive for Marijuana so now DHS is involved. I am hoping that they call me to take Cloie.
Mom was discharged on Friday, James will be there until prob May.
It is so sad because mom or dad do not drive so they will have to take the bus to the hospital to see him so I doubt they will go everyday. Unfortunately the NICU at the hospital he is in is level 3 ??? so nobody can see him except mom and dad we can't even look thru the glass to look at him. :(
Please continue to pray from baby James.


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My thoughts are with the family. My twin and I were born at 25 weeks in 1982. I was 1lb 6oz and Jessi was 1lb 10oz. Please update us as soon as you hear. Take care.

Helene said...

Oh no!! Wow, that's super early. I hope all will be okay.