Thursday, May 1, 2014

You know you are TTC when...

You know you are TTC when your nightstand looks like this.

And when you hear the term " Eggs white" and " school glue" you automatically think about your cervical mucus, and wonder if your recorded yours today.

You obsess over you BBT chart.

You have multiple TTC apps on your phone.

You have no problem texting your husband, "get home early tonight it is go time". Or Telling your best friend " sorry we might be late it's baby making time"

You never HATED getting your period as mush as you do when you are TTC.

You secretly look up your EDD if you were to get pregnant this cycle,  every time you get your period.

You notice EVERYONE around you is pregnant!

You keep on keeping on and know one day it will happen and if it doesn't you have an amazing husband who will be there with you to make sure you covered every base,  tried every step, and every possible scenario. Even when you want to throw in the towel  he will be right there to whisper in your ear  " we got this".