Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Please pray

My God Daughter's mom had her baby this morning at 25 weeks pregnant. I am not sure of the details I am going to go to the hospital tonight after work. PLEASE PRAY for little baby boy!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun in the Snow!!

So Last time I posted I mentioned that I was getting my niece Cloie!!

I am not sure if I mentioned the FEET of snow that they were calling for in PA.

Well, actually what happened was we got hit with 2 nor'easter in less then a week.

It snowed Fri-Sat the 5 & 6 we got a total of 28.5 inches, then again on Tues - Wed 9 &10th we got another 16 inches yup that is right 44 inches of snow in less then a week. Luckily I work at a School and we only had to go in on Tues only to close early and then we were closed for the rest of the week . WOOO HOO Mini Vacation!!!!!

Well anyway I had my Niece for the part of the storm & we had so much fun playing in the snow.

Here are some pictures of her jumping, swimming, climbing and making her zillion snow angels.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I HATE!!!

1. I hate that my relationship with my bestfriend has changed, since the birth of her AWESOME, adorable,wonderful, so stinky cute twins, whom I LOVE SO MUCH!!!!. Sadly I knew it would when she was pregnant that things would never be the same. She didnt think things would change, but deep down I knew i miss our days of spedning the day together, shopping, movies, eating & Yummy Margaritas.

2. I hate that when I tapped MAC this morning my account didnt have as much as I was expecting & now must rethink what bills I was going to pay.

3. I hate that I am supposed to leave work at 4 today and will probable get screwed and get stuck here until 7:30, missing my time with C.loie. I am supposed to leave at 6:30 everyday but have been staying late because I am swamped. ( with out pay)

4. I hate not really hate but I get upset with the fact that all these celebrities are so concerened with Hai.ti. BELIEVE ME I AM TOO but there are so many children here in THE U.SA who are going to bed hungry, with no heat, come to school with no lunch, and clothes with holes in them, and we are focused on Hait.i. NOW I know that children who are hungry and cold here in the US.A have it off better then the children in Hai.ti, JUST because they are US.A citizens. But it still makes me upset. ( wow is that awful)

5. I hate the work blocked Face.Book .

Will Post more later!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

hopefully snowed in!?!?!

So about 6-7 months ago I took my niece Cloie to the "Jersey Shore" in Wildwood for the weekend. We had so much fun playing in the water building sand castles, looking for shells, chasing down the Fudgy Wudgy man down the beach. Here she is Posing in the Ocean

Well I talked to her mom and I am going to take her this weekend. WOO HOO Not to mention that we are "supposed" to get up to 12+ inches of snow so the next post I will be posting pictures of Cloie with all her snow gear on.
I am hoping that if it is bad out the school I work at will close on Monday so I will have more time with her.
CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!