Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Joys of working!!!

Okay So I am sitting here at my desk at work trying to catch up on blogs oops I mean Work, When the security guard of my after school program came to me bring innocent Siddiq who by the way is only in KINDERGARTEN. Since I am also the director I must deal with all the fun issues that arise. Mr. Siddiq got in trouble in class and his teacher (sweet ole' Ms. H) gave him a pink Slip ( behavior write up) but instead of giving it to him to put in his school bag she asked Mr. X to hold onto it and give it to his parents when they came. All was fine until Mr. X had a feeling to look on his desk where he HID the form to discover it was gone.

Mr. X - Siddiq where is the pink slip??

Siddiq- I don't know, some kid crumbled it up and threw it in to the toilet and it went all the way down.
Mr X- Siddiq who did it?
Siddiq- I don't know who it was.

They bring him to me !!

I was talking to him asking him question about what happened to the paper and he gave me the same line. I then said well if you didn't do it then how do u know what happened to it????
he said he didn't know the kids name ( umm siddiq we have all been in Aftercare since Sept and you know every one's names but you know what why don't you point him out to me???

Siddiq then said oh he already left. ( hummm lie much)

finally after 10-15 mins of talking to him and not getting him to confess a light bulb went off
so I said okay Siddiq we are going to have to go check the video camera's and whoever did it will be in big trouble, but if you did it and have been lying about it it will be very serious ( blah blah) he finally admitted to it. he said he didn't want to get in trouble for being rude to his teacher but NOW you will be in trouble for theft, lying, destruction of property, and that you could have damaged the toilet for throwing paper down into it.

So I kept him with me in my office and made him write his site words 3 times and his alphabet then let him draw. He kept asking for crayons and to get a pencil with a sharp point. I would just keep saying "nope you are in trouble it is not fun time"

the thing that cracks me up is he is in KINDERGARTEN what the hell will he be doing when he is 10, 16, 18 ahhhh I can't even think about it because he will most likely still be at this school since we are K-12 lucky me!!!!!!


Helene said...

Are you kidding me? The kid was only in kindergarten...yeah, I can see why you'd be concerned about what he'll be like in a few years if he can lie this easily.

My big twins are in kindergarten but I don't think they could lie like that...well, maybe they can and I'm in denial..LOL

melissa78 said...

Fun Times!!!