Tuesday, July 7, 2009


After reading a post by a fellow blogger http://lovelosshope.blogspot.com I just had to write!!!
I first have to say I personally did not lose a child, but many close to me have.
My aunt who follwed the doctors orders to a T, lost her baby to spnial bifida at 10 days old. My Sister in law Lost her baby to a heart defect 2 weeks old. My neighbor lost twin boys born too early at 24 weeks.
Then you have the white trash girl in my neighboehood who has 7 yes SEVEN children by many different fathers, all who are healthy even though mom spent most of her time in the bar. She is on welfare and has thse porr children spending THEIR summer infront of the bar where moms b/f works. GRRRR
Then there is this girl who should know better, married, works seems like she is well educated but she acted like a complete ASS during her pregnancies even posting pics of her hold beers while pregnant, she got drunk many times & low adn behold ALL CHILDREN 3 born healthy and at term.

I am not sure where I am goign with this post , I just had to vent .
My heart is breaking for all you women who lost your sweet angle babies.
I send you (((hugs))) and prayers!!!


A said...

I agree. A girl I went to highschool with found out she is pregnant with some random guys baby and picked up and moved home to live with her mom. Still goes to the beach everyday, bars at night, clubs too. I really believe that she will get her head on straight when the baby gets here but my God, what is she thinking? I totally agree with you! Vent away whenever you need it... because You know I do that on my blog whenever I want :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for reading my blog and for your comment. Thanks for praying for me. My darling loving husband and I could use all the prayers we can get. We are struggling with the hurt of it all. We miss Cole and Cate. We worked so hard to get them and then in an instant they were taken away. I just don't get it. Thanks again for the love and the prayers.