Friday, June 19, 2009


So last weekend I had the joy of taking my God-daughter Cloie for the weekend! She has a crappy life and a crappy mom and step dad. Her mom is 22 but has the mentality of I would say a 15 yr old , SO I am not knocking young mothers I am just knocker her because her because she is a freaking idiot 2 kids by the time she was 20. She never has a stable place to live her and her B/F break up all the time so she has to move from house to house. She has no job and still never has the time to cook, clean or wash the kids clothes. But anyway I try to get her one or 2 weekends a month . Last weekend when I went to pick her up her mom said I have nothing washed but cloie said you have clothes at your house ( yes I do because the clothes you give me are never the right size. ) For example the outfit she had on when i picked her up consisted of a 18-24 month old DRESS but it was a shirt on her and sweatpants for a 6-9 month old that were shorts on her. GRRRRRRRR I did just spent like 100 bucks on new summer clothes for her for when she comes to my house, and 2 new bathing suits, and new beach toys(love Walmart)

Anyway on sat morning we got up nice and early packed the car and headed down the shore to the beach. We has sooo much fun we went on the beach built sand castles and went into the water, collected shells. we were on the beach for about 4 hours went home took naps then hit the boardwalk and went on the rides. she had so much fun I loved watching her smile it was the best part to me. AS I was tucking her in she said " god mother thank you for taking me on the ride" melted my heart. Sunday we went back to the beach and just had a blast. Sunday night as e heading home I told her she was going back to mommies house and she got upset, then she asked me if I could pick her up after work and take her to get and ice pop ( too cute)

So I am working at a Charter School that is k-4 and I am going to get her in the school for Kindergarten and I am going to talk to her mom about keeping her all week and then taking her home to her one weekend. Just so I can make sure she gets to school everyday and on time.
I will even let her keep her child support because it is not about money to me it is about Cloie and making sure she has the best opportunities in life. I am going to try and post pics of the weekend.

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A said...

Just starting following you but Im realizing pretty quickly that...Bottom line- Youre a pretty awesome lady! haha :) Glad you had fun with Cloie. I completely understand how you feel about wanting her to have the best! Im just glad she has someone like you around to try to make that happen.