Tuesday, April 14, 2009

best friends shower

So this weekend (Sat) was my best friend Jennifer's baby shower. The theme was Under the big top. Can I tell you how cute it was!!! The cake was seriously the cutest thing I ever seen.
I will pic later, but I am sure she will have them on her blog before me.
Can I also say how GREAT everyone was to her and her 2 baby boys, she received almost everything and what she didnt get she will be able to get with the gift cards and when she returns the mutiple gifts,( 4 swings, 3 pack and plays, 3 humidifers just to name a few).
It was so much fun to help her open all these great gifts and then go back to her house and help sort the bags full of clothes, bibs, blankets, and socks.
One thing I was shocked about was the fact that she hardly received any diapers, usually the mother to be gets tons of them and at this shower she only got 2 cases and a few small packs.
I guess it was because people got her the big things instead of diapers since she does need 2 of everything.
It was so much fun, part of me wishes it was me that was having the baby and it was my baby shower, but honestly I am sooo happy for my Bestie, and I know I will be so close to these babies.


Kelli, Ken and Gia said...

what is your email? I have a question that I would rather Jennifer not see... :)

Kelli, Ken, Gia and Jackson said...

We paid out the wazoo for her to come out. As much as she is one of my good friends, the expenses were on us and my goodness, it was expensive. Her sitting fees are higher than normal, but as you can se, totally worth it!

Kelli, Ken, Gia and Jackson said...

I can say something to her if you like...