Sunday, February 16, 2014

Still here!!!

Life has finally settled down! We are loving married life, we are loving our new home and making it homey! 
We loving having our friends over and  BBQing, playing horse shoes, watching the Phillies. 

We have been talking more and more about having a baby. I had to make sure I was healthy enough to get pregnant and carry a baby. I went to my PCP and she sent me to a Fetal/Maternal doctor. I made an appt immediately and was in the office within 2 weeks.  The PA and the Doctors were amazing!! They are very confident that with all my injuries I can carry a baby.I asked them about delivery, with my brain tumors can I vaginally deliver?? with my internal injuries from the car accident, can I have a c-Section?? They have no doubt but they just want to talk to my neurologist,  ( more on that later). The did say If i decided to stay with them for my journey they will have me meet with their trauma/surgical team just to be on the safe side. 

Not sure what if I ever talked about my brain tumors so I will briefly touch base. 
In Feb 2012 I fell down the steps ( after a few too many drinks) my friend and I were goofing off and BAM I fell down the steps. 2 day later I still had a nasty headache so I decided to go to the doctors, on my way I changed my mind and just went to the ER. The ran a battery of test and it was found that I had 3 brain tumors. That was a hard thing to hear. That hospital wanted to transport me to a hospital that can better assist with the treatment. I had the most amazing care EVER they doctors and nurses were amazing. 
The doctors decided to "watch" the tumors and redo the MRI   at 3 months ( June) everything was fine, then at 6 months (Dec) I had a new growth so they decided to remove one. That surgery went fine and I was sent home with some meds and to follow up.  I went back at 3 months again and everything was fine. THEN in June I had yet another new growth. My Neurosurgeon was concerned about the location of it and wanted me to see a M.S. specialist.  So after months of  test and follow ups it was determined that I have M.S. I started on medication immediately. But because we are going to " start trying" I went off my meds and started prenatal vitamins. 

We are very excited to start the next chapter in our lives and  I hope and pray that we can make this dream come true. I will keep you posted!! 


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