Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Life is definitely moving forward!

Wedding Date set.
Wedding Dress Picked out.
Wedding invite list complete.
Eric and I Were busy enjoying life when BAM our life was jolted!

On August 19th Eric and I  were coming home from spending a wonderful weekend down the
shore with friends, when we were pushed off the rode by a  S.U.V and hit a tree head on going 70 miles an hour on Highway 55 in New Jersey.  When we came to a stop I was awake and actually got out of the car after Eric pried it open. I even walked around, until I looked down at my left ankle and noticed it was the size of a small watermelon. Within 5 minutes of the accident 15 men ran to the car from a hotel off the high way. Get this- They were at a medic convention at the hotel.  They helped stabilize me until the paramedic /ambulance got there. They say that after a traumatic injury your body releases endorphin's so you do not feel pain, this definitely happened to me.  Once I was put into the ambulance the pain kicked in and I was begging them to " just go"     I was transported to a trauma hospital 48 miles away from where the accident  happened and Eric was taken to a nearby hospital.  The next think I remember was them cutting my clothes off in the hospital. I was then taken into surgery for 3 hours as they repaired my internal injuries and bleeding, caused from the seat belt. However, the doctors told my parents that if I did not have my seat belt on I would not be alive. ( Thank God for seat belts)   I do not remember the first few days after surgery, probably because of the Morphine. ( Thank God for Morphine) Once I was stabilized and off the Morphine the sent me in for more surgery, this time on my ankle. They had to put screws into it because I fractured the Tallus. Waking up from that surgery SUCKED!!!!!!
 Eric was treated and released from the hospital with in a few hours. ME? I spent 11 days in the hospital, then was sent to a rehab for 14 days. I then went to my parents to recoup because I needed so much help and I live on a 3rd floor apartment. My parents turned their 1st floor into a mini apartment for me. They even put a TV and cable in their dining room , where my hospital bed was set up. I have no idea what I would have done without them.  

Some of my injuries will require additional surgeries, they are saying probably March-April. I am praying they do it in March, since the wedding is May 3rd. In the mean time life is slowly getting back to normal.  I  Am back home with Eric, where I belong. I am  working on the wedding plans again. I am still not cleared to go back to work so I have all day, everyday to do wedding stuff and watch reality TV.

One thing I have learned is , you definitely find out who belongs in your life and who doesn't when tragedies happen.  I was able to take some people off the wedding list after this happened.
It also makes you realize how short life is and how quickly it can change.
It also makes me SO happy to be alive and Thankful that God and my guardian angles were looking out for me that day!!!

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