Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waiting for Superman?!?!

I was finally able to see this movie last week! My school hosted an event where they were showing the movie and stopping it every 30-45 minutes and letting the 9th graders debate it. I have to say I really enjoyed this movie because it really does accurately portray(most) public school and the fight to get into charter schools. I see first hand the lottery and how so many people apply to get their children in because their neighborhood public school is failing them. I get to see first had the anguish in parent's faces while they wait to see if their child will get. I see first had the anger when parents realize their child did not get in. I also get to see the joy when a child does get it. I also get to hear a parent cry and scream out "thank you Jesus" when I make a phone call to a family on the wait list telling them their child has been accepted. I see first had the how Charter schools work and the difference it makes in the life of a child. I see a child who comes from a neighborhood public school with the mentality that nobody cares, to a child that walking in the door with a smile on his face . I see a child come from a neighborhood public school with all D's go on to get all A's and B's the next report card. I see first hand how awesome charter schools are and the difference they can make in the life of a child.

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