Tuesday, November 9, 2010

such a slacker!!

Not having a computert at home anymore realling hinders your blogging time!


I have Cloie (Goddaughter) almost full time now, not legalized (yet) but her mom agreed to it. She is going to school where I work at and it is awesome!! We get to spend so much time together, do homework ( not so much fun) , projects, school pics were last week & I signed her up to be in the school fashion show, girl scouts & ballroom dancing. If she was with her mom she would probably miss school all the time & falling behind & not doing any of the fun activites she is doing now. I am not trying to knoeck her mom but her mom is pregnant yet AGAIN!!!! She has Cloie -6 Michael - 4 James - 9 months (born 15 weeks early) and is now pregnant again. It amazes me that people like here can just keep popping out kids. So she would really not have time to do all these things with Cloie.

I could really turn this into a VENT post againt her mom but I won't.

I am really looking forward to the next few weeks with the holidays and seasons changing. Not so much my gas bill but....

I am going to try to upload some new pictures today if I have my camara cord.

Hope everytone is well!!!!

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