Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I HATE!!!

1. I hate that my relationship with my bestfriend has changed, since the birth of her AWESOME, adorable,wonderful, so stinky cute twins, whom I LOVE SO MUCH!!!!. Sadly I knew it would when she was pregnant that things would never be the same. She didnt think things would change, but deep down I knew i miss our days of spedning the day together, shopping, movies, eating & Yummy Margaritas.

2. I hate that when I tapped MAC this morning my account didnt have as much as I was expecting & now must rethink what bills I was going to pay.

3. I hate that I am supposed to leave work at 4 today and will probable get screwed and get stuck here until 7:30, missing my time with C.loie. I am supposed to leave at 6:30 everyday but have been staying late because I am swamped. ( with out pay)

4. I hate not really hate but I get upset with the fact that all these celebrities are so concerened with Hai.ti. BELIEVE ME I AM TOO but there are so many children here in THE U.SA who are going to bed hungry, with no heat, come to school with no lunch, and clothes with holes in them, and we are focused on Hait.i. NOW I know that children who are hungry and cold here in the US.A have it off better then the children in Hai.ti, JUST because they are US.A citizens. But it still makes me upset. ( wow is that awful)

5. I hate the work blocked Face.Book .

Will Post more later!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Okay, I love #5, but hate #1!!! I know it's different & that SUCKS. I saw that you called my cell at 7:30 last night & I prob missed it b/c I was in the midst of Luke's "unhappy time" He has been so miserable lately & bed time has been tricky. I'll call you around lunch. love u!